Big Hit Gelato Flavors

Thai Iced Tea, Chocolate Lemongrass, Roasted Coconut,
Strawberry Lavender, Almond

Seasonal Gelato Flavors

Melon, Black Sesame, Strawberry Lavender, Taro, Pandan,
Vanilla Honey Banana, Mango Sticky rice

Advanced Gelato Flavors


Big Hit Vegan Sorbet Flavors

Salted Tamarind, Mixed Berry, Mango Passion Chili

Seasonal Vegan Sorbet

Soursop Ginger, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Jackfruit Jasmin

Advanced Sorbet Flavors

Blackberry Singha Beer


Pandan sticky rice | Secret Scoop Gelato & Desserts Berkeley

Coconut pandan sticky rice

A must try at your visit!


Pandan waffle bowls, waffle cones

Our homemade pandan waffles


Sugar Cone

Go regular!


Mini Palettes with Waffle Bowl | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato and Desserts

Tropical Gels / Lychee Gels

Coconut jelly with delicious flavors


Roasted coconut | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato

Hand Toasted Coconut

Our homemade traditional toasted coconut


Pandan Kaya Sauce (0.5 pint)

Toast your butter bread and dip in this divine sauce at home!


bangkok street dessert

Super Mango Crepe Combo | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Dessert

Super Mango Crepe Combo

Our homemade mango crepe with a scoop of your choice!


Pandan Crepe Mango | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato and Dessert

Pandan Crepe Combo

Our homemade pandan crepe with two scoops of your choice!


Muddy Krabi Cup | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Dessert

Muddy Krabi Cup

Oreo pie with Chocolate Lemongrass gelato and your flavor!


Mini Palettes with Waffle Bowl | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato and Desserts

Mini Palette with Pandan Waffle Bowl

Four mini scoops, sticky rice, waffle and your topping!


Pandan / Thai Tea Kaya Toast

Try a mid day to mid night street dessert in Bangkok


Mango Aloha

Mango, sticky rice, mango sauce with a choice of your flavor


Mini Palettes | Secret Scoop Thai Desserts

Mini Palettes

Jalapeños, bell pepper, mushroom & coriander.


Gelato Pie

Layers of your flavors with toppings. Email us for details!


Traditional Thai Iced Tea/Iced Coffee

Jalapeños, bell pepper, mushroom & coriander.


Nom Yen | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato

Thai Nom Yen Plus

Thai pink milk (Milky Sala drink)


Thai drinks and floats | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Desserts

Fancy Float

Choice of drink, choice of topping and choice of your flavor!


Passion Fruit Juice

Our homemade passion fruit juice


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