Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Desserts in Berkeley


Pandemic hours: Monday – Sunday from 1:00-8:00pm

SECRET SCOOP - Thai desserts

Have you tried sticky rice with ice cream before? We eat ice cream with sweet/savory coconut sticky rice in Thailand. We know it sounds weird. But it is a great combination! Visit our shop today in Downtown Berkeley for unique gelato, sorbet, Bangkok street dessert and drinks or contact us for catering to you door in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thai gelato???

Yes! You read that correctly!

We make small batch of unique gelato/sorbet for you! You will experience innovative flavors, such as,  Chocolate Lemongrass, Jackfruit Jasmin, Blackberry Singha Beer, Salted Tamarind, Soursop Ginger. Those taste good and are not too sweet. So you will have less guilt to your body! Come to our shop in Berkeley for many more surprisings!

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San Francisco Chronicle article on Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Ice Cream

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francisco chronicle

Chronicle Food + Home feature, 2017

Berkeley Side article on Secret Scoop Thai Gelato.

now open in berkeley,
secret scoop thai gelato

Berkeley Side, 2017

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Thai flavored gelato & desserts

Highlighted Menu

Gelato/Sorbet scoop​ at Secret Scoop Thai Gelato | Berkeley

Gelato/Sorbet scoop

Your choice of South East Asian gelato and vegan sorbet


Super Mango Crepe Combo | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Dessert

Super Mango Crepe Combo

Homemade mango crepe, mango chunks and a big scoop


Pandan Crepe Mango | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato and Dessert

Pandan Crepe Mango

Homemade pandan crepe with two mini scoops


Kaya Toast | Secret Scoop Thai Desserts

Kaya Toast

Pandan or Thai Tea Kaya toast with roasted coconut


Highlighted Menu

Mini Palettes with Waffle Bowl | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato and Desserts

Mini Palettes with Waffle Bowl

Jalapeños, bell pepper, mushroom & coriander.


Muddy Krabi Cup | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Dessert

Muddy Krabi Cup

A choice of your flavor with chocolate and Oreo pie crust


Pandan sticky rice | Secret Scoop Gelato & Desserts Berkeley

Pandan sticky rice

Homemade Pandan sticky rice topping or take away!


Thai drinks and floats | Secret Scoop Thai Gelato & Desserts

Thai drinks and floats

Traditional Thai drinks and juice with a scoop


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